Beyond Partners

Beyond Partners is the strategic partner that will allow you to navigate the business and commercial complexities of your technology company, with a special focus on Uruguay and Chile. It is the result of more than 50 years of combined experience in technology organizations, understanding technology from a business point of view. More than clients, we seek to generate trustful and long-term relationships that generate genuine value for both parties.

Get to Know Our Team

These are our seasoned team members:

Jorge Corral


IT executive with 20+ years in the software industry. Advisor, mentor to startups and angel investor. Co-founded Conexio Group (a niche IT services firm from Latin America serving US clients, today part of Nearsure) in 2014 and acted as CEO until 2019, helping it grow to 30+ people. After 10 years of experience selling IT services with a special focus in the US I now help other companies either start or improve their businesses with this market. With an academic background as Computer Science Engineering Degree, Technology Management Postgraduate Degree and Master’s Degree, I’ve been consulting for public and private companies including projects funded by the IADB, EU and the World Bank. Lecturing in the School of Engineering at the University of the Republic (Uruguay) in CS courses including The Business of Software, and participated as guest researcher in France and The Netherlands. Helped startups in incubators and pre-incubators as well as established IT firms and recently invested as angel investor in 4 startups. In 2022, together with Diego Passadore, I’ve joined Element14 as a partner, managing to double the company and sell it to the USA in two years.

Tony Duckett

Senior Consultant

With‬‭ over‬‭ 30‬‭ years‬‭ of‬‭ experience‬‭ leading‬‭ large-scale‬ telecommunications,‬‭ software‬‭ development,‬‭ and‬‭ consulting‬‭ teams,‬‭ Tony‬‭ currently‬ specializes‬‭ in‬‭ facilitating‬‭ connections‬‭ between‬‭ the‬‭ North‬‭ American‬‭ and‬‭ LATAM‬‭ markets.‬‭ As‬‭ a‬‭ key‬‭ figure‬‭ behind‬‭ xiVentures‬‭ Fund,‬‭ Tony‬‭ also‬‭ plays‬‭ a‬‭ vital‬‭ role‬‭ in‬‭ linking‬‭ early-stage‬‭ tech‬‭ companies‬‭ with‬‭ continuing‬‭ investments.‬‭ Through‬‭ a‬‭ career‬‭ that‬‭ has‬‭ spanned‬‭ across‬ six‬‭ countries‬‭ and‬‭ five‬‭ continents,‬‭ Tony‬‭ has‬‭ extensive‬‭ leadership‬‭ experience‬‭ and‬‭ business‬‭ acumen.‬‭ Serving‬‭ as‬‭ a‬‭ mentor‬‭ and‬‭ advisor‬‭ to‬‭ both‬‭ startups‬‭ and‬‭ mature‬‭ companies,‬‭ he‬‭ brings‬‭ a‬‭ global‬‭ perspective‬‭ to‬‭ strategic‬‭ growth‬‭ and‬‭ innovation.‬‭ Tony's‬‭ expansive‬‭ networks‬‭ have‬‭ played‬‭ a‬‭ crucial‬‭ role‬‭ in‬‭ nurturing‬‭ client‬‭ companies‬‭ and‬‭ fostering‬‭ growth‬‭ in‬‭ high-potential‬‭ sectors,‬‭ making‬‭ enduring‬‭ contributions‬‭ to‬‭ the‬‭ LATAM‬‭ market‬‭ and‬‭ the‬‭ international tech landscape.‬

Diego Passadore


He is a seasoned IT professional with 40+years of experience, working in eight Latin American countries. He has worked as an International Consultant for the World Bank, ECLAC, and in national and international IDB projects, 10 years of experience in the financial sector and 14 years in the Health sector. He has served as CIO and other management positions in IT for 15 years. He has been a national and international speaker since 1986, and has published in various specialized magazines in the US, Europe, and Uruguay. He is a member of the CUTI Global Markets Commission. He has specialized in marketing using ICT value management since 2011. He has carried out mentoring at Endeavor, as well as consulting for IT companies with a focus on the commercial strategy and export of their services. He is a graduate of Computer Science engineering from the University of the Republic of Uruguay, completing several postgraduate studies: BAI Graduate School of Bank Operations and Technology of the Bank Administration Institute with Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA; Digital Transformation of Financial Services Specialization at Copenhagen Business School; Postgraduate in Business Administration and Management from the Catholic University of Uruguay; Diploma in Economics from the Institute of Economics of Montevideo. In 2022, together with Jorge Corral, he joined Element14 as a partner, managing to double the company and sell it to the USA in two years.

Javier Peña Capobianco


Mentor and creator of the Latin American Association of Service Exporters (30+ institutions from 18 countries), he is currently its Secretary General. International consultant in International Trade Services. He is co-author of publications such as ``The Pacific Alliance in Global Task Trade``, ``Sectors and strategy to export services in Chile``, ``Sectors and strategy to export services in Costa Rica``, etc. Speaker at 30+ international conferences in 18 countries; recognized as one of the most influential executives in the Outsourcing sector (Nearshore Americas, 2012); and awarded for Best Practices in the Promotion of Services (ITC-WTO / UNCTAD, 2007). Bachelor of International Relations, UDELAR; Postgraduate in Economics, UDELAR; Master in International Business Management, University of Barcelona; MBA at Torcuato Di Tella University.

Federico Moares


Public Accountant graduated from the UDELAR. International Master in Business Audit and Management, Miguel de Cervantes European University (Spain). He worked in the KPMG Audit Department as part of work teams for clients in the financial, industrial and services sectors. He was Financial Controller of the TATA Consultancy Services Group, responsible for the administration and finance department of Uruguay and consolidation of subsidiaries in Argentina and Colombia. Since 2012, he is Managing Partner of Russell Bedford Uruguay, a member firm of Russell Bedford International, specialized in advising both local and multinational IT companies.

Andrés Rother


Management and Business Administration graduated from the ORT Uruguay University, with more than 8 years of professional experience linked to business development. He has been in charge of sales teams in the Retail, Fintech, Manufacturing, and Software industries, which sold to clients in the USA and several Latin American countries. Currently, he supports IT companies to enhance their business areas and professionalize management to promote controlled growth.

Juan Suárez

IT Strategy

Co-founder and Director of Arkano Software, a company with 100+ people and offices in Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay and the United States. Director of the CUTI (Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies) in the period 2010-2015 and professor at ORT University from 2003 to 2009. He is also director of Conexio Group (since 2014) and MaS Soluciones (2014~2017). Before Arkano was founded, he worked in companies such as Microsoft and Antel in technical and pre-sales & consulting roles. He also recently participated in the creation of two new ventures (SiSu and Curiosity Furniture).

Lauren Brown

Beyond Partners’ Manager Chile Office & US Business Culture

She graduated with honors from Loyola University in Maryland with a double major in Spanish and International business. She is a bilingual global citizen with over 10 years of professional experience in business development, marketing, and sales at innovative companies and tech startups. Originally from Boston, she has been living and working in multiple countries across Latin America for the last eight years, allowing her to develop cross-cultural skills and a global perspective. She has acted as a liaison between the USA and Latin America for the last decade. Over 15 articles of hers have been published about living abroad and expat life in the International Living and Live and Invest Overseas publications. She lives in Santiago and is the Beyond Partners’ Manager of the Chile Office.

Martín Bueno


Martín‬‭ Bueno‬‭ is‬‭ a‬‭ partner‬‭ lawyer‬‭ at‬‭ Vargas‬‭ Lawyers.‬‭ He‬ specializes‬‭ in‬‭ the‬‭ corporate‬‭ area‬‭ of‬‭ information‬‭ technology‬‭ companies.‬‭ From‬‭ 2019‬‭ to‬‭ 2023,‬‭ he‬‭ has‬‭ participated‬‭ in‬‭ 18‬‭ acquisition‬‭ agreements‬‭ in‬‭ the‬‭ software‬‭ industry‬‭ and‬‭ related‬‭ ones.‬‭ He‬‭ is‬‭ a‬‭ graduate‬‭ of‬‭ the‬‭ Faculty‬‭ of‬‭ Law‬‭ of‬‭ the‬‭ University‬‭ of‬‭ the‬‭ Uruguayan‬‭ Republic,‬‭ with‬‭ the‬‭ title‬‭ of‬‭ Doctor‬‭ in‬‭ Law‬‭ and‬‭ Social‬‭ Sciences.‬‭ His‬‭ area‬‭ of‬‭ practice‬‭ and‬‭ specialization‬‭ focuses‬‭ on‬‭ the‬‭ Intellectual‬‭ Property‬‭ of‬‭ new‬‭ technologies,‬‭ as‬‭ well‬‭ as‬‭ the‬‭ corporate‬‭ area‬‭ of‬‭ technology‬‭ companies.‬‭ In‬‭ particular,‬‭ its‬‭ areas‬‭ of‬‭ knowledge‬‭ and‬‭ practice‬‭ are‬‭ linked‬‭ to‬‭ corporate‬‭ structures,‬‭ shareholder‬‭ agreements,‬‭ due‬‭ diligence,‬‭ software‬‭ licenses,‬‭ computer‬‭ contracts,‬‭ electronic‬‭ commerce,‬‭ and‬‭ copyright,‬‭ among‬‭ others.‬‭ He‬‭ is‬‭ highly‬‭ specialized‬‭ in‬‭ non-profit‬‭ legal‬‭ entities,‬‭ civil‬‭ associations,‬‭ and‬‭ foundations.‬‭ He‬‭ provides‬‭ a‬‭ personalized‬‭ and‬‭ specialist‬‭ legal‬‭ advice‬‭ service‬‭ calibrated‬‭ with‬‭ real-world‬‭ strategy‬‭ and‬‭ tactics.‬‭ He‬‭ has‬‭ taken‬‭ various‬‭ courses‬‭ in‬‭ the‬‭ aforementioned‬‭ areas and has published various articles and press releases.‬

Leticia Jawad


Computer Science Engineer graduated from the ORT Uruguay University, with more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. At Arkano she performs the role of Chief Operating Officer. As a technical leader and project manager, she has an accumulated experience of 100+ projects of different complexities with Microsoft technologies. She was also a consultant and led Business Intelligence projects. With experience in different industries such as Finance, Banking, Legal, Government and IT Services, for clients in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador and Uruguay. She temporarily lived in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil.

María Valentina Dodero

Research & Marketing Analyst

International Relations College Degree, Master's Degree in Foreign Trade Management and Companies’ Internationalization, International University of La Rioja (Spain).
She worked in the Intellectual Property sector, leading the International Department.
Currently, she works in the area of market research, both national and international.

What Our Clients Say

Beyond Partners helped us design, present and execute our globalization plan. They’ve put themselves in our shoes without applying recipes, with a close but professional approach. They helped us move from our strong technical viewpoint, allowing us to show our unique hidden value and emphasize our business impact.

Alvaro PardoCEO & Co-Founder Digital Sense

Working with Beyond Partners was a very satisfactory experience from every angle. The work consisted of analyzing and improving our sales department. If I had to point out one (of the many) highs their work had is the honesty and trust with which all topics were discussed, the deliverables they did after each milestone were of very high quality, and the experience showed along the entire consultancy.

Juan Martín GalloCEO & Co-Founder Effectus Software

We’ve been working with Beyond Partners for more than a year in topics like the design of our services strategy (aligned with our products), the set-up of a sales department according to those services and participating in our Board meetings. Their work and support in our growth process has been very valuable.

Leonardo RodríguezCo-Founder UXDivers

Beyond Partners helped us redefine our business strategy. Working with Jorge and Diego allows us to have an external and innovative perspective from their experience in the IT regional market as well as in the US. They dive deep into our current situation and play as another collaborator from our company. We are very happy with the results and strongly recommend working with them.

Ignacio VareseCEO & Co-Founder BlockBear

The experience that Jorge and Diego have, alongside their analysis skills makes them an unavoidable source for important decision-making.

Martín ZúñigaCEO & Co-Founder Hattrick-IT

The result of the first Beyond Partners consultancy was so positive to evolve, that today they continue advising us in the Board and in our initiatives. They are the partner we needed to drive improvement and continuous growth.

Eduardo VargasCEO & Co-Founder LoopStudio

Working with Beyond Partners allowed us to define and establish our roles as founding partners, improve our work at the Board level, and take our first steps so that the potential of the company is developed and expanded. Now we are working with them to adapt our value proposition to international markets.

Facundo GaratCEO & Co-Founder NexaIT

Beyond Partners helped us with the growth of our sales department, establishing KPIs and improving sales processes. They are very professional and the best thing is that they work hand in hand with the company, shoulder to shoulder, without applying magic recipes and making things happen.

Mauricio GarcíaCOO & Co-Founder Dixtra

Beyond Partners helped us with the commercial strengthening, downing-to-earth processes, organizing us internally, and helping us to work very professionally. The experience they have with IT companies selling in the US market was very valuable to us.

Tomás PiaggioCTO & Co-Founder Create Thrive

Beyond Partners helped us find an IT partner in LATAM. They really know what they do and are knowledgeable in both the LATAM IT provider's market as well as how to do business in the US. Having vendors already validated speeds up the entire process and allows us to focus on our business.

Mihir MangeFounder & CEO Initialyze - San Francisco, CA

We are very grateful for the work done with Diego and Jorge. We highlight their commitment to understanding what we need to solve, beyond what was stated in the scope (commercial strategy for the USA). We also highlight their suggestions, searching at all times the best for the company and the team. We are very satisfied with the experience and with the result: a down-to-earth plan was made that allows us to be in a solid and focused position to attack the US market. We count on Beyond for the next challenges!!

Fernanda FerreiraCo-Founder Inzol

We feel very comfortable working with Beyond Partners. An environment of trust was quickly formed, where we not only visualized the aspects to improve, but we also had recommendations, suggestions, and steps to follow, to carry out a work plan according to what the company needs in order to grow. Their experience and work in the area were noted at all times, the feedback being 100% aligned to the needs of the company, which gave great value to the consultancy.

Alvaro LópezFounder Brocsoft

Beyond Partners helped us during the definition of the strategy to enter the US market. Their vision, knowledge, and perspective were essential to establishing a work path. Additionally, they added their experience in the Chilean IT industry as an added value, which was definitely a differentiating point to choose them as suppliers for this sensitive consultancy. I especially highlight the work of Jorge Corral who also helped us from an executive coaching perspective.

Gustavo LugoFounder & CIO CleverIT Group

Hand in hand with Beyond Partners, we began a profound transformation in our company, they helped us realize where our main structural shortcomings were to leverage growth. Additionally, they helped us redefine and guide our communication to reach our target audience in the US and Canada. They accompanied us very closely in the creation and execution of our first cold campaign, which had very positive results. Thanks to their support, we have transformed into another company, and they personally helped me make the “click” to realize how to guide the growth of our organization.

Luis SánchezFounder Kadabra

In a complex environment with various levels of positions and collaborators with different cultures, Beyond Partners provided us with its experience to enhance the work of Operations, with new perspectives on how to face the different dimensions, such as projects, teams, and clients.

Martín MicheliniCOO & Founder Somnio

Beyond Partners supported us by training our sales representatives to improve the way IT development and consulting projects are offered and sold, as well as providing arguments and tools to strengthen our sales to Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, and the USA. As Sales VP, I was delighted with the work done.

Leonardo InnellaSales VP Arkano Software

We feel very comfortable working with Beyond Partners. An environment of trust was quickly formed, where we not only visualized the aspects to improve, but we also had recommendations, suggestions, and steps to follow, to carry out a work plan according to what the company needs in order to grow. Their experience and work in the area were noted at all times, the feedback being 100% aligned to the needs of the company, which gave great value to the consultancy.

Federico SendraCo-Founder & CEO SpaceDev

We hired Beyond Partners’ services in order to design a globalization project. I liked their laid-back way of working and their experience with the US market. They gave us sound advice regarding sales and overall decisions. Once the job was done we continued to work with Beyond Partners for supporting our decision-making and they have become an important part of our sales department.

Fabián FernándezCo-Founder Kaizen Softworks

Beyond Partners provided us with tools to achieve a better understanding of our business within the global context, accompanying us in defining a solid strategy for the selling process. Their approach and experience brought us great value, allowing us to address different issues from a more professional perspective. They were very close during the process and were always available to address various aspects that we might require.

Sebastián CabreraCo-founder

Thanks to Beyond Partner, we identified and highlighted our differential in the market. In the world of software development, there are many similar companies offering similar solutions. However, they helped us find our strengths and guided us to exploit them to the fullest, when looking for new clients or renegotiating contracts with current clients.

Bruno ArgentaDirector

Beyond Partners are exceptional collaborators who have been fully involved in our company from day one. Their responsiveness and willingness to help in a variety of situations is remarkable, and their extensive experience is evident in every action they take and the advice they provide. We had their guidance and support in making important decisions, which is why we came to consider them an integral part of our company. Their ability to perform accurate analysis generated full confidence in them at all times. Thanks to their help, we were able to promote the growth and development of our company faster, as well as define and strengthen the roles within the organization. Their commitment and dedication have left us extremely satisfied.

Sebastián JaraCo-founder

Meeting Beyond Partner helped us know and understand what it means to do business abroad and also in Chile, it gave us perspective and reflection on our business processes and how we design our products. Their material is precious, straight to the point and bluntly to the things we need most.

Joaquín PinedaSales Manager

Being‬‭ already‬‭ installed‬‭ in‬‭ the‬‭ US,‬‭ we‬‭ needed‬‭ to‬‭ continue‬‭ advancing‬‭ in‬‭ a‬‭ strategy‬‭ and‬‭ concrete‬‭ actions‬‭ to‬‭ attack‬‭ this‬‭ market,‬‭ better‬‭ understand‬‭ how‬‭ business‬‭ is‬‭ done‬‭ here,‬‭ and,‬‭ above‬‭ all,‬‭ how‬‭ to‬‭ use‬‭ the‬‭ evidence‬‭ and‬‭ expertise‬‭ of‬‭ our‬‭ company‬‭ so‬‭ that‬‭ it‬‭ resonates.‬‭ It‬‭ is‬‭ for‬‭ all‬‭ this‬‭ that‬‭ we‬‭ hired‬‭ the‬‭ services‬‭ of‬‭ Beyond‬‭ Partners,‬‭ who‬‭ accelerated‬‭ our‬‭ actions‬‭ as‬‭ local‬‭ in‬‭ this‬‭ market.‬‭ They‬‭ are‬‭ undoubtedly‬‭ the‬‭ consultant‬‭ partner‬‭ we‬‭ needed.

Reynaldo C. de la FuentePartner Datasec US‬ ‭

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